Seizing Untapped Potential

Your investment supports small businesses and consumers while generating consistent returns through our diversified portfolio of short-term loans.
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Small businesses and consumers struggle to access traditional financing.

Small Loan Size

Loan sizes are too small to generate attention from lenders.

Traditional Underwriting

Application of traditional asset-based underwriting standards disqualify many small businesses and consumers.

Outdated technology

Outdated technology does not allow traditional lenders to move quickly or efficiently.

This gap in the market has given rise to the space known as specialty finance

Innovative, niche finance companies are using technology platforms and non-traditional data sources to more effectively and efficiently serve businesses and consumers not adequately served by the banking industry.

A Decade of Track Record

Years of Prudence & Profitability
At Merchant Opportunities Fund, we leverage our market knowledge and experience to select, assess and manage carefully selected specialty finance portfolios.

High Net Returns

Annual Return Since Inception*
*As of June 1, 2024

Factors that guide our strategic opportunities

Our capital is invested into a collection of well-selected, niche specialty finance portfolios of short-term loans and advances.

Underserved Credit 

Credit niches that are underserved due to supply and demand imbalances

Short-Term Fully Amortizing Debt

Short-term fully amortizing loans and advances that are paid back quickly

Diversified Credit 

Diversified credit pools with a small average loan or advance size

Benefits of our unique approach to private credit

Typical Private Credit Funds

Large multi-year term loans with interest-only payments throughout the term and a large bullet payment due at maturity:
Increased credit risk
Decreased investor liquidity
Concentrated portfolio positions
Opaque investment values

Small short-term debt

Less than 12 months on average with frequent (daily or weekly) amortizing payments throughout the term and zero due at maturity:
Decreased credit risk
Increased investor liquidity
Diversified portfolio positions
Transparent investment values

Evolve your wealth

Diversify and discover uncorrelated alpha through private credit.
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