Diversify Your Portfolio with Short-Term, High-Yield Private Credit

Merchant Opportunities Fund is a private credit fund with a 14+ year track record, delivering consistent, attractive and highly diversified returns to our investors.
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Delivering Results for Investors

Why Invest with Merchant Opportunities Fund?

Merchant Opportunities Fund was founded to provide double digit returns and monthly liquidity to investors by investing in short-term, high yielding, fully amortizing debt to under-served small business and consumer borrowers.
Target Annual Net Returns
As of June 1, 2024. *Average Annualized Compound Return Net of Fees
Total Portfolio
Annual Net Return Since Inception*
As of June 1, 2024. *Average Annualized Compound Return Net of Fees

Double-Digit Returns with Monthly Liquidity

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Merchant Opportunities Fund has a unique focus on short-term, small size, high yield, fully amortizing debt, which it originates through proprietary channels.

The result? An uncorrelated and distinctive investment strategy that avoids the common pitfalls of private credit by providing superior diversification, monthly liquidity that it can confidently satisfy, and a transparent & objective approach to portfolio valuation.

Outperforming Traditional Investments

Our fund has consistently outperformed major market indices with a 11.3% net return in 2023, 13.7% net return in 2022, a 11.6% 3 year average net return and a 12% target annual net return.
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Target of 12% Net Annual Returns

Gain access to exclusive high-yield private credit investments, historically outperforming traditional asset classes.

Short-Term Investments

The short-term nature of the Fund's loans allows us to actively manage risk through our ability to rapidly re-balance the Fund's portfolio during periods of economic change.

Monthly Cash Flow

Unlike traditional private credit funds, we offer monthly liquidity, allowing you to access your investment when you need it.

Tax-Advantaged Investing

Merchant Opportunities Fund offers tax-advantaged options for both personal and corporate investors.

Superior Downside Protection

Our diversified portfolio of over 21,000 loans, combined with our rigorous underwriting process, provides superior downside protection.

Capital Deployed Since Inception

By investing in a very large number of small, short-term financings over many years, we have built an industry-leading dataset that powers our statistical models for credit adjudication.
“Our focus on small-dollar, short-term, fully amortizing debt results in greater diversification and reliable cash flow, making our strategy one of the most compelling options for investors in private credit.”
David Gens
Founder & CEO at Merchant Opportunities Fund

Evolve your wealth

Diversify and discover uncorrelated alpha through private credit.
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